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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Don't Make People Wait

There’s this thing that annoys me somehow. What is? The people who leave their clothes in the washing or drying machines at laundromat unattended – and don’t return to collect their belongings before/on time.


You go to a laundromat. A Self-service launderettes. With all your dirty unwashed clothes. A basket-full. There’s a guy there, sitting on a bench at a table, reading newspapers, waiting for the dryer machine to stop spinning. Six washing machines, front load, with ’14 kg maximum capacity’ written on each of the machines. Three of them are occupied. You choose an empty machine, and you start filling it up with your clothes.
Your basket now is clear. To the token machine you go and insert a couple of Rm10 into the money slot. A downpour of silver-coloured coin-like tokens in the token slot. You grab them in a bunch, and return to the washing machine. Carefully, you insert the tokens one by one. On the display panel the machine instructs you to press start. So you press. ...

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