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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Teach A Fish to Man... See How It Goes

Teach a fish to man, you’ll be in history books. Forever.


It was a fine breezy afternoon. My parents, along with my pakciks and makciks were having a good time chatting and discussing things a couple year-old me would never understand at that time. As accurate as my hyperthymesia – a condition that I positively have a trait (certified by two doctors and a neurosurgeon) – can be, I was wearing my favourite Kiko T-shirt. It was deep, Navy blue with vermilion red horizontal stripes. Collared. Ugh, how could I stand T-shirt with collar masa tu… lol
We were spending our afternoon in our backyard. Well, not really an American backyard as the word backyard might suggest. No lawn – but pond. A fish pond. Bhahaha. That’s right. Our house had a… (well, it was handsomely big actually) fish pond installed at the back. Pretty fly, huh. Ekeke. Set your stereotypical architectural settings aside – boy, did we have fantastic fish in there! Snakehead fish, some gouramis, with chances of eels as well. What do they call...

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