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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Poetry Recitation Competition


‘Tis the season to be poetic.. tra la la la laaa… la la.. la.. laaaa~ Poetry season is back! And this year it kicks start early. Like… super early. And I like it!

Poetry recitation competition is not something totally new to us. By us here I mean Malaysians, schools, teachers, students, pupils and thesaurus. Hahaha. Back then, Choral Speaking was a thing, along with Storytelling and Public Speaking. And they still are! However, nowadays we are moving farther and digging deeper towards language appreciation. A new addition to the trio, was Scrabble competition. And not to forget, my all-time favourite – Poetry Recitation Competition.

Well I’m not here to discuss the history of poetry. It might bore you guys. Hihihi. We can do that later if you insist. But now, I want to share the key points of the rules and regulations, and guidelines of the competition. Be advised that everything I share here is true to the revised edition of the 2015 concept paper of poetry recitation competition for primary schools by Ministry of Education, Malaysia. If there’s any new thing on the latest edition or a revised version, I’ll update this post a.s.a.p.  Take note as there are certain points that separate the concept paper for... (Read full article HERE)

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