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Friday, August 13, 2010

Moral yang penuh dosa

yeah...our moral classes...

damn! superb chaotic ammo. so many assignments, so fast need to submit.. so little time given to clear everything!

not to mention.. the floating phenomenon. we somehow become a squatting society (I quote this from a very insensitive lecturer) because of the terrible administration and human resource management - again.

no class! i mean the 4-wall class. we dont have a fixed class for us to study. we've been denied..off a proper education environment. the best part was, we were chased out of our classes just like that - simply because they want to place the so called anak2 maktab... oh yeah.. we're just anak tiri. hm... noted.

once i felt like burning some building down. i cannot cage my wrath any longer... somebody surely gonna taste it... and it sure is bitter, i tell you..

haaa.. back to the sinful morality. brr..... with a burden of a project manager on my shoulder... and on Anis' shoulders, too... once i regretted...why the hell did i pick moral option at the first place? I know! because~ ....i could not see the future. tahdaaaaa~~... =.="

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