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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween hither and there


i've seen ghosts. and i can tell some stories if you want. ^^ real.life.stories. chewah!! cam iklan tv berbayar plak. huhu

no, really. i've seen and met ghosts before. in places. hahaha... i think they love to wander around..looking for people and their kinds.. they just like us la.. they have life, and they want to socialize with each other.

lemme share with you one story. it happened quite recent i would say. and it happened here, in maktab where i study.

that morning... blok ciku takde air.. ^^ actually since the day before lagi... so i woke up at 6 am..and grabbed everything required to perform a royal bath. ^^ i got my toothbrush, and Pantene, and colgate, and shower foam, and do i need to describe everything in detail? =D

and since we're out of water.. i went to blok beringin, with a hope to have my shower there. unlucky me, the toilet was locked. brr... so i kept on walking, until i reached astaka...which i knew that nobody would be there that time around. haha...

two toilets, as usual. one for boys and one for girls. well obviously i went to check the boys' first. damn...full house! both 'bilik kecik' were occupied. budak2 ciku gak..huhu...

so i decided not to waste time waiting for them to come out. instead, i checked the ladies'. hey..it's empty! ^^ therefore my conscience said "go on aan, nobody will come in at this hour. it's still too early. besides, girls have no water problem at their hostel. so they won't come here punya lah!"

so that did it. i entered the lady's lavatory, and i took a shower there.. lalala...and nope, nothing special actually, compared to gents'. hahaha.. well to an extent, i brought my phone along! in case of emergency~... so somehow to save it from jumping into the toilet bowl, i placed it on the water tank... kinda dangerous actually..but nevermind..as long as no earthquake, i could assure that my act was correct.

done! i felt fresh and clean! hehe...and there you go. i managed to mandi peacefully. so i picked my toothbrush, my toothpaste, my shampoo,...and headed straight to blok ciku...

on my way back...alamak!!! my phone~.. haih...i had no choice but to go back and get it, before the sun shines bright and people start to use the toilet..

when i reached the astaka kan... i was pretty sure that it's still dark, perhaps 6.20am like that.. and nobody was there but me. but...as soon as i masuk je ladies...

"awak tertinggal phone ye? nah.."

masyaAllah... memang menguji iman ah!.. lawanye bukan memaen! pergh.. serius cantik gadis tersebut... raut wajahnye ayu..lembut.. i would fall for her eyes.. and dengan berkemban towelnye... rambut dok basah lagi... omg...

i smiled...and reached for my phone on her left palm... my goodness, what a beauty. lepas je dapat phone tu... i quickly turned around and walked out of the bilik air... for two reasons. 1, aku takut that i would fall for her undeniable charm and beauty. 2, dia tak cukup sifat. bukan la aku bias dengan orang cacat kan, handicapped or orang kurang upaya... tapi kalo cantik macam mana pon... bleh berdiri sama tinggi dgn aku wlopon takde kaki...tak 'meriah' gak kan... XD

=D she had a beautiful look... her hair was like my dream hair... flawless.. her body was like the perfect 8-figure for a model..even more she was berkemban! right from her under-arm, around her body, down to her knees..and that's it. =D she was floating~ lalala...XD

and nope, i did not tell anyone about this. sampai la sekarang..baru la terasa nak berkongsi... ^^

so, moral of the story?? jangan le berani sangat...and jangan over kompiden dgn mende2 camni.. huhu.. tapi syok gak aa..hehe... lucky me it did not show itself in its hell-form... hahahaha.. mintak simpang...letih dah tengok benda2 huduh ni... ngan bau my goodness teruk sangatnye..huhu... oh well. just a sharing

happy halloween! ^^

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


one religion. Islam.
two beloved parents. my late mom and dad.
three level of schooling. primary school, high school, and college life.
four kinds of shoes. for basketball, for other than basketball, belly shoes and flip-flops.
five favourite alphabets. A, Z, K, f, V.
six senses. yeah i can see and detect ghosts. for real. ^^.
seven lonely days
eight as the least favoured number.
nine lives just like a cat.
ten short fingers and ten funny toes.

#11 t-shirt of Anaheim Mighty Ducks'
12 silver bullet, given by a friend. to kill vampire.
13 steps down - a novel by Ruth Rendell
#14 jersey of Hisashi Mitsui of Shohoku
15 the number of my snowcap collection, not including the missing 7.
16 reminds me of high school musical 3
17 the age i reached puberty. XD
18 nothing much to associate it with.
#19 jersey of Blue Scorpion's. from PRIDE
20 livin la vida loca

21 me favourite number. lucky number!

23 years of life. oh boy.. im a young man now. 23 years of happiness, joy, sad and sorrow, glee and gloom, ups and downs, high and low, thick and thin... haha..

the world is just awesome

im glad that im still alive to breathe the fresh air and taste the morning dew and slap some mud on the wall and pour some flour on my friends and play some basketball and watch live matches of NFL and grow more hair to be like Steven Tyler and spend some money on things people don't care but i do and pursue happiness. again and again and again.

oh yeah. 23 reminds me of a thing as well. erm. nevermind. ^^

happy birthday, me. ^^

Monday, October 18, 2010

Warkah buat bakal menantu makcik

Assalamualaikum, dear. how are you? Have you taken your meal? Makcik harap you're doing well.

Dear, that night after my son and you went out for your class dinner, he came back and told me that your beloved father had told him off. haha.. makcik laughed my heart out listening to his komplen.. =)

yes.. what your parent advised him was absolutely right. he should by that bear in mind all the things mentioned directly and indirectly. but let makcik tell anak one thing. as far as your parent concerns about you dear, my soul wants to take a good care of both of you as well.

when you come to visit anak makcik, please dress properly. =) i'm glad to have a daughter in law as beautiful as you...but you look more stunning with tudung of the nice color to match your dress. really sweet, dear. makcik tak bohong..

if my son goes to pay a visit you at your home... please don't let him in without permission of your parents..ye? if your parents are not home, and you're alone... don't ever let my son masuk rumah tau. not sweet dipandang orang..ye?

if you're going to watch movies with anak makcik..go ahead. but take care. never purchase tickets for couple seats ye. not that i don't trust my son or anak, but it's just not the time, yet, for my son to sit that close to you. if they're out of regular seats...watch other movie first..or find other cinema..ye?

when my son drives you out for dinner, breakfast or anywhere lah... together2... ensure that his hands are on the the 'stereng', all the time.. except bila nak shift gear or switch on signals. whatever it is, don't let him, not even a try, reaching for your hands. and anak pun jangan la pi pegang tangan dia...ye? later2..after kenduri, can pegang2. makcik bagi greenlight. sabar ye..

makcik tahu you can sing, and you have a very beautiful voice. i don't mind if you and my son go out for karok..my hobby as well! but if possible, go la with other friends, too.. even better, if you can teach him mengaji whenever you have time. i've heard anak mengaji...i felt so calm.. how i wish you can teach anak makcik to recite the Koran like you..

ada lagi makcik nak pesan... tapi nanti lah makcik sambung ye... when the time comes. coz time..will tell. =)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hari ini aku menulis

menaip la, sengal.


yeah!!! tarikh paling cun aku rasa utk kesekian alamnya. suploh aribulan suploh duaribusuploh!! 20101010.. 10102010.. 101010. weee!!

aku nak hambek kesempatan ni..nak mengucapkan..selamat berangkat ke tanah suci Mekah bagi para jemaah haji yang nak menunaikan rukun islam ke 5 tahon ni. alhamdulillah... mudah2an diberkati dan diterima yg Esa. yang akan berlepas tu.. tmbah la ilmu mana yg boleh selagi ad ruang..taruh niat ni. ^^

aku gak nak sampaikan rasa simpati kat sorang hamba Allah ni yg tetiba hilang ingatan.. pergh..ko hidop penuh memori dan tragedi selama lbey kuang 20 tahon..tetiba ko hilang ingatan kann...ish..sian sgt.. moga sahabat itu pulih ke bentuk asal dgn kadar segera! ^^ jadi, moral of the story.. senantiasalah kita bersyukur selagi kita mampu berfikir, bernafas, berperasaan.. ber-ingatan.. ^^ sebelom tuhan tarik smua tu, ok?? (derr...pesan kt diri sndiri..=D)

nak gak meluahkan rasa girang atas kesungguhan dan iltizam sorang rakan baek nih...dalah usahanya men-tackle gadis yang menjadi idaman semenjak suku dekad yang lalu.. pergh.. way back into love la ni!! aku suka~ hehe... good luck there!! you guys have my blessing XD

nak gak luah rasa kuciwa...sebab tarikh best camni...tapi still teperap kat bilek buat asemen... aiyo... punya la plan nak kutip tiket wayang, nak tulis guestbook, nak post komen..nak wish mcm2.. yg bertarikh ni la...tapi sekali kena grounded daa..hehe. xpa, hgpa tunggu 20102010 ni. =D

wallao!!! dah2...ko byk keja lg an.. huhu. okes! for you guys out there, have fun!! yes org cakap apa ad pada tarikh...spesel event tak semestinya jadik pada tarikh spesel... betol.. tapi bagi aku, usaha kita nak menjadikannya spesel tu la yg buatkan ap yg kita usahakan tu spesel..hahaha... dan 10/10/10 hanya muncul sekali dalam 100 tahun!! ^^ so grab it while u can!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hectic Time!!!

move your butt, aan!!!

this week... is a super busy-bee week! projects to run and assignments to be submitted..oh my gosh..

moral presentation - personal reflection. we supposed to hand in yesterday (monday) but since she's out of town and nowhere to be found...we take this opportunity to NOT doing the task...until friday i guess..

why? because we need more time for ICT stuff!! questions must be answered and handed in on time. and our portfolio plus learning package's deadline..erm.. i think it's next week. 11-14th of Oct. brr... havent done a single thing about it! not even the slightest idea!!! helllllpp!!

coming up next...storytelling project. wohooo... the most awaited event of the semester.. but it turns out to be a turmoil. haha.. masalah itu problem.. budget...venues...time..kids.. brr.. authorities just make our life miserable. tak senang tengok orang senang..haih2

then...hell on earth.. MORAL GARDEN. my god.... 15th-22nd of Oct. 8 days!!! we'll be going to schools, and receiving schoolkids, and setting up walls and boards and posters, and performing on the opening ceremony, and welcoming students from other ipt and ipg...and..and.. =.=" feel tormented. tortured. haha... ah well.. for the sake of 120% coursework assessments... do or die. heh

TESL NITE!!! looking forward!!! hahahaha