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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


my life is pretty messy... loads of works to clear.. piles of papers to burn.. oh ya, some fat in the belly, too.. hehe. anywho~.. i'm positioning myself well, i guess..

yeap. things are getting better. no more hustle. no more shallow pot holes.. huhu. in a way i'm thankful for everything that happened lately. no pain no gain, man.. hekhek..

Letih is not a new vocab in my lexicon. i've been using it since i know how stressful one can be due to incoming bombardments of matters and stuff. yikes.. learned it the hard way. huhu. nah~ i'm good..

i just hope someday.. that..someday.. em.. hehe. *yawn*

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hope it gives you hell

looking back at the things i've done... yeah! i just realized. such a bad-ass i am! and you know what, with the new look of me...i feel fresh!

i can sense the power in me. i don't know where such feeling came from, but i feel in control. dude, i have the whole world in my hands! hahaha

but i hate some part of me. too much hatred, too aggressive, too..too not me. too new i would say. hm... have i lost my old me? ahaha... i guess not. well let's just say i hide it somewhere even i know not where..temporary. when the time comes.. erm.. i say let's just wait for the moment. ^^

hectic week, if not horrible. chaos, if not cruel. but we survive the tidal wave, the horde of trouble. He still loves us. as always. ^^ thank You.

hey, bought new video CD from a music store; Aerosmith; live in New Jersey, and KISS, live in L.A. haha... food for my ears. =D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

wrath of the restless

if i condemn u, doesnt mean i hate u.
if i praise u, doesnt mean i like u.

when i smile at u, doesnt mean we're good.
when u smile at me, oh god... my foot!!

u think your soft voice can soothe the hearts of us....
but dont u know, the more u talk the more the fuss??

Go. and tell others that we're bad.
tell the world that we're useless.
u judge us by the sins of others.
so dont blame us when u we curse!

a sincere reminder, a humble request
dont u label us the way they manifest

but if u just too blind to see..oh well..
expect no less from earth we bring u hell..

bukan ku tak sudi

huk...serabutnye hidop camni.. ditelan mati mak, diluah mati bapak. tapi aku ok kot, psal dua2 dah mati..huhu..

an an... dah banyak orang berkorban untuk ko... TERkorban untuk ko... DIkorban untuk ko... hm.. dan sekarang, nmpk mcm ko plak yg ber-di-ter-korban?

terima je la an... sebab itu memang ko.. pahit ke, masam ke, tawar ke, masin ke, manis ke.. ko telan jugak...kan? hekhek...

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Goddammit... how the hell could they do this to us!!??

yesterday i phoned a friend, and i asked her how's it goin with their early registration that day. surprisingly, there's nothing... literally.

up to my shock she told me that a few others, those who were supposed to register on that 2nd of July, were treated like nobody. what the heck.. few weeks or so somebody in charge for our registration shouted out loud, spreading a notice or warning sort of that, that whomever wanted to come back on the second of July please carve their names in the list, so that the admin knows how many will be coming in on that day, and prepare for their accomodation and stuff.

but what happened now? i'm so pissed off.

those who had given their names to the respective lecturer arrived on that day but received nothing as promised. accomodation my foot! my friends had to camp in the TV room!!! how could this happen? it's not like we paid no attention to the shout-out. in fact, we did the right thing, the right way! worse, they need to camp there, sleep and change and rest and everything, in the bilek TV until tomorrow, the official registration day for us! bloody administration. you guys are so still the same...

and yet, worse came to worst. the latest news is, there are no rooms for us! ouh W.T.F!!! those monkeys told us yes there are rooms, anough for everybody. nobody's gonna have to stay out of campus. and even if they didn't mention it, that's exactly the right thing to do - prepare for our comeback. to the hell on earth, i was told that there are only 6 rooms left.

this is ridiculous!!! i'm furious!! 6 rooms??? to accomodate 40+ boys!?? and fewer rooms for the girls! my foot!! and you know how they're going to settle this? ok. there are another two warden houses. each one can have approximately 12 people inside. the rest?? yeah, they have stacked up 24 mattresses in one surau in a certain block. isn't it lovely?

well kiss my feet lovely!!!

i've been patient, i've been good.. but now i think it's time to show how bad this bad-ass can be...

to my friends, this is an urge for everybody. let's stomp and rampage the HEP and those insensitive people this Monday, the so called induction day. blast!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

curse you!

oka...i know...it's been awhile... a long while.... the reason? hahaha. the lamest reason of all time - i forgot my password for my blog. danngg~!!

no. really. i lost the data. or, in scientific way of saying it, i can't recall my memory. i dove into the empty sea of my brain just to look for several alphabets and numbers. unfortunately, i found too many of them yet no combination matched the one i designed for this blog.


then i started to feel something like a loser would feel... as i was at the Y junction, i took the 'jalan lama'... not the highway.. i couldn't just take highway to my log. i don't have the TnG card or SmartTag. cash? i was broke at that time. only got enough saving for fuel. hehe...

somehow...today.. 1st of july 2010.. a miracle happened. while i was searching for old stuff and useless ones in my computer to be thrown away, deleted... i found a document...hidden inside a very remote, alien folder...even too stranger to me... that document entitled; "you never know".

danng!!! suddenly, i felt like my spirit flew away, going back into the past, where i could see myself typing all the passwords and ids for a hell-lot of accounts, sites and pages. my God! it's there!!! the key to this blog is actually there!!!

hahahahaha... merci~ ^^ gracias God, gracias.

there you go... i got the key back, so now i can re-start blogging. like the ol'times... ^^