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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hope it gives you hell

looking back at the things i've done... yeah! i just realized. such a bad-ass i am! and you know what, with the new look of me...i feel fresh!

i can sense the power in me. i don't know where such feeling came from, but i feel in control. dude, i have the whole world in my hands! hahaha

but i hate some part of me. too much hatred, too aggressive, too..too not me. too new i would say. hm... have i lost my old me? ahaha... i guess not. well let's just say i hide it somewhere even i know not where..temporary. when the time comes.. erm.. i say let's just wait for the moment. ^^

hectic week, if not horrible. chaos, if not cruel. but we survive the tidal wave, the horde of trouble. He still loves us. as always. ^^ thank You.

hey, bought new video CD from a music store; Aerosmith; live in New Jersey, and KISS, live in L.A. haha... food for my ears. =D

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