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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chekgu praktikum

when i were a lad...

hell yeah!! super liking chekgu praktikum! chekgu pompuan la. muahaha. why? because.. they were so kind and nice to me! aww... can u imagine?

kay. just want to share, something that i remember. my most favourite chekgu praktikum of all - Cikgu Masyitah. she was from Gelang Patah, Johor. from day 1, i tried to avoid talking to her. no communication, no interaction. why? because i liked her! that's me. if i like someone, i'll keep it to myself, and try not to let the person know bout it. ^^"

yet there's a twist. she noticed that i was being quiet and shy and little. so she approached me and..

"Hi. Nama cikgu, Masyitah. nama adik?"

adik?? wheee!! XD only my mama and sis addressed me as 'adik'. that was sooo the 1st time i was called such kata ganti nama outside my family.

(super shy) "nama saya.. azhan.. azhan zaffuan"

"azhan zaffuan? sedapnye name! 1st time cikgu dengar."

hahahaha... an an.. and it happened that she came to class the next day, and after her teaching (she taught Bahasa Melayu that time) she called me and

"haa..ni cikgu bawak bekal dari rumah. Aan dah makan? jom makan dengan cikgu kat kantin"

"terima kaseh, cikgu masy."

"em, panggil cikgu, Cikgu Ita. Aan kene panggil cikgu Ita, sebab aan cute." (senyum~)

bwahahaha. hey! just nak bagitau. all the lines are/were the exact lines. no alterations. i carved it in my mind, and heart - coz it's sooo meaningful. ^^

and yes, none of my friends or other pupils called her Cikgu Ita. only me. damn i just couldn't see how special i was to her eyes. =D

ustazah once asked me to participate in story telling competition. i refused. then she forced me. i refused. but there's Cikgu Ita, she pujuk me nicely and sisterly, she convinced me to take part, and she promised to support me in every direction.

there you go. 2-time champion, zone and district level. 1st runner up, state level. =D

an an...ngengade ko dulu ye. manja...gedik.. attention seeker... XD

aaa..the most unhappy moment... the departing moment. as usual, a chekgu praktikum stays at school for only a few months. 3 i would say. so the final day of her presence in my school... i cried n cried n cried...till my eyes bengkak. she did, as well.

she received so many gifts and presents. all nicely wrapped and seemed expensive. yeah, i couldn't afford such. but i wanted to give her something. so when everybody was busy salam-ing her, saying goodbye and bla bla bla.. i stayed back in class, alone, and i wrote and drew something in my exercise book...

when she was about to leave (she was at the main gate..heading out already), i showed up and shouted "cikgu Ita!"

damn i was too loud. and it was a drama. she stopped walking. people stopped talking. no noise no voice. she looked at me, and senyum paksa (i noticed that). she came to me, asked me where i had been all the while as she was looking for me to say goodbye and farewell.

tears overflowing, i handed her my exercise book. i showed her the doodle and i told her that i wanted to give her a better present but i can't afford it. i wasn't sure what happened, but i remember she knelled in tears, and she hugged me tight.

and then i heard my friends cried louder and louder. i saw my other teachers shed their tears too. ha..this part, i couldn't recall the things she pesan to me. coz i wasn't listening..hehehe... em, i guess i should stop narrating here. the rest of the day was not really worth to mention. =D

so that's the story of my most beloved chekgu praktikum.. ^^ aww c'mon.. i was in darjah 3 la that time~ ^^


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omg!!!!!sgt2 terharu ouh!!!!

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rili? i thot it's laughing stock? ^^"

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1 cm cube of tears. k bye