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Thursday, January 13, 2011


for God sake i couldnt get my time managed well! someone even asked me, "dude, when are you goin to post something new on your blog"..and "bro, share more. tell us more. i love reading your entries." and such.

1st of all i would like to thank all the readers for keeping up with me. i really appreciate your time spent on reading my nothing-much-just-some-thought-and-feeling entries here. i really do.

thanks for your personal requests.. of wanting to read more on what i have in store to share. yes i do have boxes of truth, mountains of thoughts, and a universe of stories to serve your heart and mind. and eyes. =)

thus, i give you my words... i'll try my best to keep this page updated... like the old times. ^^ wish me luck! sorry for inconveniences and thankies in advance ^^

miss y'all

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