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Friday, January 14, 2011


yes. it has started. today. to? 14th Feb 2011.

what's so big about 14/2/11? ouh! is it because of valentine's day? naa... that's nothing, though. huhu...

geez.. am i prepared for this? i mean... well prepared? mentally..physically.. financially.. Lols.

man...lotsa things goin on in my mind... what should i wear on the 1st day? how should i look? what to bring? how shall i greet the kids? will they behave? or will they "gotcha" me? bla bla bla... @_@"

i should say less. expect less. let it be a surprise, i'd say. ^^

phew... the countdown..begins.. =D


MohdIzwan said...

Good luck n all da best...

antara said...

hehe..trimas ^^

Anonymous said...

Yes, u have the heart and stomach of a good teacher.

antara said...

i wish it's a prayer. ^^