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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow factor

the other day Mr. Victor from UUM came to see us. his intention was to give a 2-hour talk about life, changes and innovation . unfortunately, due to time restriction, the supposedly 2-hour session was cut short, with only 45 minutes remained on the clock.

never mind, he said. this is somewhat we call 'a change in plan'. so in order to allow us absorbing the juicy gist of the speech, he had to make some adjustments, hither and thither.

rite. clear.

at one point he asked us about our understanding, our perception and perspective of the word "change".

it is so not me to raise a hand and answer a question or share a thought. but that morning i became the "not me" me. and i told him and everybody about my point of view.

it's a "wow" factor. changes are the things that make you realize something like "ouh, really?", "hey, i didn't know that", or simply.. "wow.."

it's like a turning point. only that you don't have to turn if it's not for you to look over your shoulder, hold your breath for a few seconds, feel your heart stops beating, and come to your conscience that you have done something that need to alter or delete or whatever to make your future steps solid, valid, and full of confidence.

and then he came up with the term "innovation", which, as he explained enthusiastically, is interchangeable with "change".

haha. i don't think i'll say it all here. but in my words..
innovation = create
change = make use

pretty confusing, eh? not really. you just need to ensure your conscience is working properly. then only you can.. em.. learn, unlearn, relearn. =)

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