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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WCC wacaca~

today somebody from the past had visited us. after 5 long years... these people seem to have the ability to smell our presence. that's right. none other than WCC fellas.

what is WCC? 1st it's an acronym of Women Crisis Center. but since the word crisis seemed to rain them with tonnes of troubles yet less believers, they had changed it to Women Center for Change. an indication that name does matter.

and today we talked about sexual abuse among children. yeap. it was a two and a half hour talk. well not just plain talking. there were videos and song and lotsa things related to the topic. not to mention flyers.

im not gonna discuss the content of this talk. but something struck my mind about it. how noble these people - they go around the Earth, gather boys and girls and people of all ages, spreading the awareness of the rights and wrongs, with intention of educating the society, about what's happening and what not.

i wonder... is this their permanent job? i mean, something they do for living. who pays their salary? do they even have income? monthly? ok. the president has honorary doctorate. is it medical doctorate, or philosophical doc? and how the heck that she can and still remember us, after so many years had passed since our very last meeting??

ok. that was the side dish. my main menu is... i feel grateful. that today we still have these kind of people who voluntarily and tirelessly educating people within their reach about women, children, issues and how-you-can-help-us-save-the-world slogans.

now i feel tired and i feel like i have not really the point that i want to talk here. perhaps...i'll edit this post. somehow rather..i should let you laugh upon reading this... because all i wanted to say here is... that i'm sleepy and im having a terrible headache now.

so..if i may be excused.. =) sorry to waste your time. ^^ laters!


phyto hystrix said...


well i got ur point, it's great to be in such movements! dpt byk mklmt psl human rights etc,and as youngsters, this kind of knowledge ensures that we have better understanding about life in general,and many other things in specific..btui jg kt yeop tu,deme ni kire noble le sbb hbhkan ms utk aktif dlm pgrkn sukarela mcm ni..hrp2 kt sbgai ckgu pun blh menyumbang pd msyrkt mcm ni insyaAllah.. :)

antara said...

yeah!! ada yg prihatin!! camni la chekgu yg kita nak! ^^ trimas ye yong. ate, moh le kite? =D