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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Poetry Recitation Competition


‘Tis the season to be poetic.. tra la la la laaa… la la.. la.. laaaa~ Poetry season is back! And this year it kicks start early. Like… super early. And I like it!

Poetry recitation competition is not something totally new to us. By us here I mean Malaysians, schools, teachers, students, pupils and thesaurus. Hahaha. Back then, Choral Speaking was a thing, along with Storytelling and Public Speaking. And they still are! However, nowadays we are moving farther and digging deeper towards language appreciation. A new addition to the trio, was Scrabble competition. And not to forget, my all-time favourite – Poetry Recitation Competition.

Well I’m not here to discuss the history of poetry. It might bore you guys. Hihihi. We can do that later if you insist. But now, I want to share the key points of the rules and regulations, and guidelines of the competition. Be advised that everything I share here is true to the revised edition of the 2015 concept paper of poetry recitation competition for primary schools by Ministry of Education, Malaysia. If there’s any new thing on the latest edition or a revised version, I’ll update this post a.s.a.p.  Take note as there are certain points that separate the concept paper for... (Read full article HERE)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Common Courtesy - How Care are We?

Today when I logged in my Facebook, I saw one interesting post appeared on my timeline. Regarding courtesy. It was from a good friend of mine. And it’s about something good, too good that we sometimes overlook these ‘small-small’ things...

Full story here; https://www.yesnoalright.com/common-courtesy-manners-men/

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Teach A Fish to Man... See How It Goes

Teach a fish to man, you’ll be in history books. Forever.


It was a fine breezy afternoon. My parents, along with my pakciks and makciks were having a good time chatting and discussing things a couple year-old me would never understand at that time. As accurate as my hyperthymesia – a condition that I positively have a trait (certified by two doctors and a neurosurgeon) – can be, I was wearing my favourite Kiko T-shirt. It was deep, Navy blue with vermilion red horizontal stripes. Collared. Ugh, how could I stand T-shirt with collar masa tu… lol
We were spending our afternoon in our backyard. Well, not really an American backyard as the word backyard might suggest. No lawn – but pond. A fish pond. Bhahaha. That’s right. Our house had a… (well, it was handsomely big actually) fish pond installed at the back. Pretty fly, huh. Ekeke. Set your stereotypical architectural settings aside – boy, did we have fantastic fish in there! Snakehead fish, some gouramis, with chances of eels as well. What do they call...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Macbeth by William Shakespeare: An Analysis

Macbeth by William Shakespeare: An Analysis

Macbeth is a loyal, brave and strong character. Good looking some more (I presume). From the very beginning of the story we know that he is a person with great personality and qualities. He has proven it by becoming the MVP of the two battles (which he was victorious) protecting his beloved country, Scotland. Sooner than later he – already the Thane of Glamis – becomes the Thane of Cawdor, too, just as prophesied by the three witches. Well, a Thane is a nobleman of Scotland. And to be a Thane...

read full article here; https://www.yesnoalright.com/macbeth-macduff-mcdonalds/

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Don't Make People Wait

There’s this thing that annoys me somehow. What is? The people who leave their clothes in the washing or drying machines at laundromat unattended – and don’t return to collect their belongings before/on time.


You go to a laundromat. A Self-service launderettes. With all your dirty unwashed clothes. A basket-full. There’s a guy there, sitting on a bench at a table, reading newspapers, waiting for the dryer machine to stop spinning. Six washing machines, front load, with ’14 kg maximum capacity’ written on each of the machines. Three of them are occupied. You choose an empty machine, and you start filling it up with your clothes.
Your basket now is clear. To the token machine you go and insert a couple of Rm10 into the money slot. A downpour of silver-coloured coin-like tokens in the token slot. You grab them in a bunch, and return to the washing machine. Carefully, you insert the tokens one by one. On the display panel the machine instructs you to press start. So you press. ...

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sweet Bean Paste (2017) Review

Sweet Bean Paste is a novel written by a Japanese author, Durian Sukegawa. First published in Japan in 2013 and later translated into English language by Alison Watts for publication in 2017. This book is a work of fiction with a touch of significant actual facts and information (I believe.) It takes readers for a walk, through a forest of redemption, branches of conflicts, and the most notable them to me; the seeds and trees of friendship.

Sweet Bean Paste revolves highly around the focal characters. It is a cinematic view of a person’s journey, where he faces his ups and down, his past and history, his never-ending challenging situations, and the people destined to be part of his walks, or should I say to be in his life.

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Blog! Same Old A'an

assalamualaikum! salam sejahtera. happy new year!!

selamat tahun baru 2018 diucapkan kepada korang2 yang still baca blog yang dah tak diselenggara elok2 ni. adeiihh.. haha. tak tau la camne korang still boleh sampai kat sini, tapi aku tetap hargai sangat2. ^~^


macam aku cakap, blog ni dah 10 tahun usia dia. segala content kat sini segala memori kat sini... semua2 lah. cukup2 bermakna bagi aku. and kalau takde aral melintang bagai, insyAllah blog ni aku tak delete. liveitlively.blogspot.com ni akan terus jadi tempat untuk korang singgah2 sesat2, baca2 cerita bebudak skolah, cari petua2 orang lama, baca cerpen yang tak sudah (hahahaha) dan sebagainya. aku pon sayang blog ni. tapi tu la.. mungkin perlu satu anjakan paradigma kan? perrghh.. ekeke

makanya. kat sini aku nak announce. jeng jeng jeng!! nooo... bukan nak kawen. lol. nak annouce yang blog atau website baru aku dah beroperasi!! yayyy!! kepushhh kepushhh!! tu bunyi bunga api masuh angin. lol

happy new year . happy old me . hahaha


kalo korang still nak baca aku merapu (plus, ada kengkawan aku yg aku invite untuk berblog kat situ jugak! so takde la korang bosan nau ngadap cerita aku je kan. ekeke) silalah ke webpage aku tu ye. and, pembaharuan yang paling ketara aku buat kali ni... ialah?

it's in English language! xD

ok takde la mende pon. ekeke. saje je beb, nak pektis guna apa yang dh belajo... untuk2 orang laen pon dapat belajo dari situ... mudah2an bermanfaat~~ doakan yang elok2 ye. hehehe

okidoki! maybe. ni post terakhir kat sini. or maybe buat sementara waktu ke camne ke, wallahualam. tapi buat masa ni, aku akan fokus kat pembangunan blog baru tu.

klo korang sudi, lapang2, tetau nak bakpe sangat, jenguk2 la sana ye. hehe. mekaseyh atas sokongan korang. you guys are awesome!!

jemput singgah~ yesnoalright.com  ^~^

sampai ketemu lagi!! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This Is Not A Goodbye


hai readers, viewers, or landers yang tak pasal2 tersampai kat blog berhabuk bersawang ni. ehehe. how's it going? harap hgpa semua sehat la nooohh.. ^~^

well, to my loyal readers, be it silent or loud... hahaha... aku ada benda nak kabo ni.

aku dalam proses menyetup... ok sounds so weird... men-setup .. haaa... tengah setup page baru. yep yep, i know, korang akan cakap "haritu dah ada winwalkwave.com tapi berhabuk seropa tu jugaaakkk" yadda yadda... lol. kamon, haritu aku tengah gigih nak berblog lagi, tapi takde idea... then blogspot aku ada masalah kaaannn... kena hacked dan ditanam malware bagai. wuwuuu.. jangan marah ittew... wuwuu..

so apa beza kali ni?

memandangkan aku dah ada hobi baru.... technically tak la baru, dah lama benornya... haha.. hobi apa? hobi mereview. lol. deyyy, bukan dari dulu ka ko dok review bagai? hee... memang laa... tapi aku tak la share sangat pon... tapi nowadays, bila pikir2 balek... why not kan, aku cerita apa yang patut pasal anything yang aku rasa sesuai untuk diketahui ramai.

contohnya, kedai makan. aku suka makan. lol. tapi aku tak kedekut. aku hepi nak promo kedai2 yang best pada hemat aku, kat orang laen. or any places yang aku pernah pegi, or anything yang aku guna dan berguna untuk org laen jugak, etc etc. sharing is caring, kan? hekhek

 bukan ke sama je function macam blog ni? hehe. memang laa... tapi tu la. aku rasa perlukan wind of change la. taktau sampai bila aku nak bukak blogspot ni pastu ngadap blankly pikir nak tulih apa, pastu aku tutup tab then sambung baca buku or main game. bhahahahaha. makanya, inisiatif aku untuk kembali menulih ialah.... dengan mewujudkan satu blog or page or site baru! kekonon semangat la sket, nak tahun baru ni kan. ececeyy... lol

so guys, kepada yang selama ni dok singgah sini baca artikel baca cerita memaca,, don't worry... aku tak delete liveitlively.blogspot.com ni .. aku bior je sini... update? tak sure. bila aku rasa nak meroyan, maybe aku masuk hambur2 sini. hahahaha. sebab webpage yang aku nak buat ni ala2 informative la kindathing. tapi tak tentu gak... kot aku rasa nak meroyan sana, aku buat je. ekeke xD

yang pasti, new blog tu insyaAllah akan lebih berinformasi, berkualiti, bergambar2 (hahaha) bervideo2 bermacam2 lagi. aku akan cuba buat lagi better dari sini, insyaAllah. dan, most importantly, it's open to everyody!!

wait selama ni sini tak open ke? open jugak... tapi biasanya aku sorok dari pengetahuan anak2 murid skola aku.... hakhak... so, sila expect tulisan ala2 sopan kat page baru nanti, dan besar kemungkinan... in English!! tudiaaaa... ekeke. kamon, bila lagi nak pektis kaaannn. =p

so, korang2, kawan2....

thank you for all your support. mekaseyh sudi luang masa datang sini lepak baca2 gelak2 nanges2... eheh... banyak memori kat sini. insyaAllah, aku kekalkan dan maybe update jugak apa yang patut demi tatapan korang. selagi aku tak mati la. ahaks

jangan sedey2 ye. macam aku cakap, this is not a goodbye. nanti aku siap page baru tu, kompem2 aku highlight and announce kat sini jugak. wheee!! in the mean time, doakan2 aku sehat2 je ye, berkemampuan dan berkeupayaan untuk enjoy hidup seadanya, dan kongsi memacam dengan korang2 semua.

thank you everyone! jumpak lagi di laen entry!! :D

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hey There October Kiddos!

#IsItOctoberYet? #AlwaysOctober

October is here!! wohoooo!! macam biasalah. bulan kegemaran, kesukaan, keseronokkkannn!! hehe. iye iye. selaen dari deepavali, apple day dan pembentangan belanjawan negara, dalam bulan oktober jugak ada macam2 keraian. salah satunya ialah.. meraikan ulangtahon kelahiran korang! kita! october babes!! wheeee!!!

dan macam biasa jugak, aku nak celebrate sume2 yang ulangtahon kelahiran dia dalam bulan oktober. takde la aku nak throw a party tetiap hari kan... hahaha. kalau macam yang lepas2, aku bagi hadiah kat sesape yang jumpak aku pada hari ulangtahon kelahiran dia. boleh tahan la ramai jugak, even tho tak hari2 (kalau hari2 pon koyak gak aku bhahahaha) tapi alhamdulillah, dari strangers pon dah jadi kawan2 just because dorg datang claim hadiah. ekeke. happy me is happy!

so taon ni... memandangkan ramai komplen tak dapat cari aku sebab jaoh lah, bizi lah, terlepas tarikh lah... makanya aku nak ubah sket. bagi senang. haaaa

takde la aku nak pos hadiah kemaen2 bagai sangat pon. ehe. korang ni kan pantang ada peluang. lol. ok, untuk kali ni, aku nak lukiskan something untuk korang, siap birthday decorations. hiks. camne camne?

1. korang DM (kat twitter) aku or mesej (kat Facebook messenger) or inbox aku kat instagram or teros emel kat personal email aku - gambar korang/anything yang korang nak aku cartoonize-kan, sempena birthday korang. hehe. aku nak lukiskan khas, sebagai hadiah birthday korang dari aku. 

2. sertakan sekali tarikh birthday korang . klo boleh buktikan lagi baek, yang korang memang kekanak oktober. hee. bulan laen, maap tau. tak amik order. ahaha

3. aku cuba siapkan then reply kat korang sebelom/pada hari kebesaran korang tu. chewah! hehe. klo twitter/facebook/instagram korang available untuk aku post situ, nanti aku teros up siap wish. ahaks!

tapi korang kena ingat la... aku bukan pelukis profesional... amatur pon bukan. aku lukis2 sesaje je. suka2. hobi. minat. takde la lawa pon. hihihi. so, yeah. lebih kurang mintak halal siap2~ ehehe...

ok? orait. tu je nak kabo. ^-^ looking forward to draw the pic of you! happy birthday in advance!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

And Again! LOL

i'm sorry. can't help it. ekeke . okay2. october will be filled with posts! but no promises. lol