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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hectic Time!!!

move your butt, aan!!!

this week... is a super busy-bee week! projects to run and assignments to be submitted..oh my gosh..

moral presentation - personal reflection. we supposed to hand in yesterday (monday) but since she's out of town and nowhere to be found...we take this opportunity to NOT doing the task...until friday i guess..

why? because we need more time for ICT stuff!! questions must be answered and handed in on time. and our portfolio plus learning package's deadline..erm.. i think it's next week. 11-14th of Oct. brr... havent done a single thing about it! not even the slightest idea!!! helllllpp!!

coming up next...storytelling project. wohooo... the most awaited event of the semester.. but it turns out to be a turmoil. haha.. masalah itu problem.. budget...venues...time..kids.. brr.. authorities just make our life miserable. tak senang tengok orang senang..haih2

then...hell on earth.. MORAL GARDEN. my god.... 15th-22nd of Oct. 8 days!!! we'll be going to schools, and receiving schoolkids, and setting up walls and boards and posters, and performing on the opening ceremony, and welcoming students from other ipt and ipg...and..and.. =.=" feel tormented. tortured. haha... ah well.. for the sake of 120% coursework assessments... do or die. heh

TESL NITE!!! looking forward!!! hahahaha

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