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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pasca Raya!!

wahahahaha!!! super happy!!

okay...forget about the heck that we had gone through, and will undergo - true. well at least fo a while. why? haha.. i feel so very the happy go lucky after this raya! =D

you see aa.. before this we had a class dinner. pergh...what a night, i would say simple dinner yet the memory is priceless. then, after a long raya break, i came back to maktab with new and improvised will - to enjoy life more and more!

the "grandest" event so far was TESL|TESOL|TEYL RAYA!!! omg~ i had so much super fun! yeah i love gatherings and social events. yet this event wasnt just an event for us to makansampaikenyanglepastutaklaratbergerak; it got us, TE___L family closer and friendlier. hahaha

i got to know my 'family members' even better! juniors? huhuhu... to I they are all me friends. tomodachitachi yo. ^^ although many of my cohort fellowships werent there, i feel glad that a small group of us did support the event at their best! thank you guys.. really.. so much. thank you. all.

and so~ the most awaited event of the year - TESL Nite!!!! hahahaha... man.. im telling you, everybody is pushing themselves hard for the very night. i have forseen the 'wow' and 'perrgh' of it. furthermore...it's the last tesl nite for me and my fellow cohort mates... =) huk... dont wanna talk bout it. kang aku nanges. hahaha.. so? i should be having fun then! enjoy!! =D

im sooo looking forward. ^^

aa.. bersempena this raya.. i want to wish all readers and followers.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!!!! i know it;s kinda lewat sangat dah...hehe.. but stil, take the chance while you have it, rite?

past is misery. future to treasure. the best moment in life...is the 'present'. dengan itu, kat sini Muhammad Azhan Zaffuan b Ramli a.k.a Antara ingin memohon ampun dan maaf yang tak terhingga kepada semua..zahir dan batin, atas segala salah silap, dari segi perbuatan dan pertuturan atau penulisan, yang secara sengaja atau tidak, samada biasa atau melampau... mohon diampunkanlah diri ini.. ye? ^^ apa yang tak patut...tak kena... tegur2lah ye~ ^^

terima kasih kat semua, thank you, for all the trust and support given. Love ya. ^^


Anonymous said...

Dearest, u deserve to be happy. Dont think of what had happened to u as bad things. God loves u and he wants to test u. There are many people who love u. U should be grateful. Happy that u are happy

Cik Pelangimalam said...

nice entry...^^

and just dropping by to say... "hye banglong!!!senyum sokmo!!"