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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


one religion. Islam.
two beloved parents. my late mom and dad.
three level of schooling. primary school, high school, and college life.
four kinds of shoes. for basketball, for other than basketball, belly shoes and flip-flops.
five favourite alphabets. A, Z, K, f, V.
six senses. yeah i can see and detect ghosts. for real. ^^.
seven lonely days
eight as the least favoured number.
nine lives just like a cat.
ten short fingers and ten funny toes.

#11 t-shirt of Anaheim Mighty Ducks'
12 silver bullet, given by a friend. to kill vampire.
13 steps down - a novel by Ruth Rendell
#14 jersey of Hisashi Mitsui of Shohoku
15 the number of my snowcap collection, not including the missing 7.
16 reminds me of high school musical 3
17 the age i reached puberty. XD
18 nothing much to associate it with.
#19 jersey of Blue Scorpion's. from PRIDE
20 livin la vida loca

21 me favourite number. lucky number!

23 years of life. oh boy.. im a young man now. 23 years of happiness, joy, sad and sorrow, glee and gloom, ups and downs, high and low, thick and thin... haha..

the world is just awesome

im glad that im still alive to breathe the fresh air and taste the morning dew and slap some mud on the wall and pour some flour on my friends and play some basketball and watch live matches of NFL and grow more hair to be like Steven Tyler and spend some money on things people don't care but i do and pursue happiness. again and again and again.

oh yeah. 23 reminds me of a thing as well. erm. nevermind. ^^

happy birthday, me. ^^

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