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Monday, October 18, 2010

Warkah buat bakal menantu makcik

Assalamualaikum, dear. how are you? Have you taken your meal? Makcik harap you're doing well.

Dear, that night after my son and you went out for your class dinner, he came back and told me that your beloved father had told him off. haha.. makcik laughed my heart out listening to his komplen.. =)

yes.. what your parent advised him was absolutely right. he should by that bear in mind all the things mentioned directly and indirectly. but let makcik tell anak one thing. as far as your parent concerns about you dear, my soul wants to take a good care of both of you as well.

when you come to visit anak makcik, please dress properly. =) i'm glad to have a daughter in law as beautiful as you...but you look more stunning with tudung of the nice color to match your dress. really sweet, dear. makcik tak bohong..

if my son goes to pay a visit you at your home... please don't let him in without permission of your parents..ye? if your parents are not home, and you're alone... don't ever let my son masuk rumah tau. not sweet dipandang orang..ye?

if you're going to watch movies with anak makcik..go ahead. but take care. never purchase tickets for couple seats ye. not that i don't trust my son or anak, but it's just not the time, yet, for my son to sit that close to you. if they're out of regular seats...watch other movie first..or find other cinema..ye?

when my son drives you out for dinner, breakfast or anywhere lah... together2... ensure that his hands are on the the 'stereng', all the time.. except bila nak shift gear or switch on signals. whatever it is, don't let him, not even a try, reaching for your hands. and anak pun jangan la pi pegang tangan dia...ye? later2..after kenduri, can pegang2. makcik bagi greenlight. sabar ye..

makcik tahu you can sing, and you have a very beautiful voice. i don't mind if you and my son go out for karok..my hobby as well! but if possible, go la with other friends, too.. even better, if you can teach him mengaji whenever you have time. i've heard anak mengaji...i felt so calm.. how i wish you can teach anak makcik to recite the Koran like you..

ada lagi makcik nak pesan... tapi nanti lah makcik sambung ye... when the time comes. coz time..will tell. =)


hijabalam said...

hahaha noxx~ macik tu u ke?? :P

loverbox said...

haha..mcm2 lah hang nie...lawak baca crite nie...

antara said...