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Thursday, July 1, 2010

curse you!

oka...i know...it's been awhile... a long while.... the reason? hahaha. the lamest reason of all time - i forgot my password for my blog. danngg~!!

no. really. i lost the data. or, in scientific way of saying it, i can't recall my memory. i dove into the empty sea of my brain just to look for several alphabets and numbers. unfortunately, i found too many of them yet no combination matched the one i designed for this blog.


then i started to feel something like a loser would feel... as i was at the Y junction, i took the 'jalan lama'... not the highway.. i couldn't just take highway to my log. i don't have the TnG card or SmartTag. cash? i was broke at that time. only got enough saving for fuel. hehe...

somehow...today.. 1st of july 2010.. a miracle happened. while i was searching for old stuff and useless ones in my computer to be thrown away, deleted... i found a document...hidden inside a very remote, alien folder...even too stranger to me... that document entitled; "you never know".

danng!!! suddenly, i felt like my spirit flew away, going back into the past, where i could see myself typing all the passwords and ids for a hell-lot of accounts, sites and pages. my God! it's there!!! the key to this blog is actually there!!!

hahahahaha... merci~ ^^ gracias God, gracias.

there you go... i got the key back, so now i can re-start blogging. like the ol'times... ^^

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