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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Goddammit... how the hell could they do this to us!!??

yesterday i phoned a friend, and i asked her how's it goin with their early registration that day. surprisingly, there's nothing... literally.

up to my shock she told me that a few others, those who were supposed to register on that 2nd of July, were treated like nobody. what the heck.. few weeks or so somebody in charge for our registration shouted out loud, spreading a notice or warning sort of that, that whomever wanted to come back on the second of July please carve their names in the list, so that the admin knows how many will be coming in on that day, and prepare for their accomodation and stuff.

but what happened now? i'm so pissed off.

those who had given their names to the respective lecturer arrived on that day but received nothing as promised. accomodation my foot! my friends had to camp in the TV room!!! how could this happen? it's not like we paid no attention to the shout-out. in fact, we did the right thing, the right way! worse, they need to camp there, sleep and change and rest and everything, in the bilek TV until tomorrow, the official registration day for us! bloody administration. you guys are so still the same...

and yet, worse came to worst. the latest news is, there are no rooms for us! ouh W.T.F!!! those monkeys told us yes there are rooms, anough for everybody. nobody's gonna have to stay out of campus. and even if they didn't mention it, that's exactly the right thing to do - prepare for our comeback. to the hell on earth, i was told that there are only 6 rooms left.

this is ridiculous!!! i'm furious!! 6 rooms??? to accomodate 40+ boys!?? and fewer rooms for the girls! my foot!! and you know how they're going to settle this? ok. there are another two warden houses. each one can have approximately 12 people inside. the rest?? yeah, they have stacked up 24 mattresses in one surau in a certain block. isn't it lovely?

well kiss my feet lovely!!!

i've been patient, i've been good.. but now i think it's time to show how bad this bad-ass can be...

to my friends, this is an urge for everybody. let's stomp and rampage the HEP and those insensitive people this Monday, the so called induction day. blast!!

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