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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I mean it

geez. i missed one important day. hari keputeraan Sultan Perak, Tuanku Azlan Shah. ampun tuanku.

ya...i had planned to grab a copy of newspaper that day. unfortunately, my irresponsible being forgot the duty. there you go. endopsychic conflicts. my Id said "blast you! it's all your fault" while my Ego reversed the poisonous bite "for God sake i did nothing wrong. it's you who went to sleep late, you ungrateful, spoilt trait!" owh don't worry a'an, here comes your saviour. is it batman? is it superman?? no~ it's SuperEgo!!! and he choked both Id and Ego hard...and yelled "will you two please..shut..the heck up?" hahahaha

when was my last entry? in february, if im not mistaken. yeah... time does not wait for me. i'll be dancing with myself~ lalala.. anyway, somebody should shoulder the blame. heaven knows what's going on... i mean, what is wrong with you, dude??

remember how best you were? (yuck...sounds gay..) okay. look at you now. a successful young man... genius...an intelect.. gorgeously handsome... your words and voice can melt the hearts of many.. do you realize that? every time you look at a girl (or a boy, even) in the eye, you steal their heart beat and pulse and stop their breathing process.

but why you did this to me, dude?

come on. i'm not your girlfriend. or you do have a crush on me but you don't think it's gonna work so you decided to destroy me then? haha.. dude, you're shooting a sitting duck. i don't mind calling myself a duck, as long as i can swim happily and cheerfully. but you! you invaded the 70's show!

where did the good man gone? yeah. let's see how you criticize my grammatical error here. is there an error at the first place? have i confused you? nope. you are too clever, too smart to be fooled by anybody.

this is the third time, bro... you deleted my accounts and emails... you hacked my pages and sites. you told bad things - lies! - to everybody. what's wrong with you dude?? do you need to see Sigmund Freud too? do you want to listen to William Glesser for the very words that i really want you to put in your 'extra large' brain - be realistik, man!!

you know what. you're right. i don't deserve the spotlight. you're the man. go. and tell everybody that i'm the one who started everything. make them believe you. oh sure they will. they love you so much, that they might be thinking to praise you and make you a hero! how many people did you save from the cyber epidemic? thousands, dude.. but how many people you planted hatred and disgust in their souls? countless, bro... countless. you can't even name them, because they're just too good to be true. have you got yourself no mercy??

think about it. i'm not accusing you a villian or a darth vader (even though you really wanted to wear such suit) or belthazor (hm..on a second thought..). it's okay. i read books. thanks to Eric Berne's "I'm Okay, You're Okay" book, you don't get to see the starred words here. heh. pretty cool huh. ^^

i can stand your attack. my revenge soon will fall upon you. when the curtain falls, we shall see who will take a bow. and this is my very, extremely serious message to you - don't you ever disturb my friends! leave them alone. this has nothing to do with my beautiful friends. it's just you and me. back off, and stay away from them. if you dare to put even a finger on their shoulder, your fellow computer-geeks can expect a delivery of your body parts the next day for them to assemble you back into one piece.

leave my friends alone. do not repeat the same sin. don't touch my facebook, my blog, my bank accounts, my emails and my everything - anymore. this is the nicest way i can put my words to a devilish hacker who once my great pal.. dude, i forgive you, again. but if you do not regret of what mess you did..heh... God bless.


Ainnur Jannah said...

....i can't understand most of it. but i can tell you had a bad day.
what's the connection between the first part of your entry and the middle part?..about missing the Sultan Perak day..?

Ainnur Jannah said...

....i can't understand most of it. but i can tell you had a bad day.
what's the connection between the first part of your entry and the middle part?..about missing the Sultan Perak day..?

antara said...

oh. tak. ni pasal blog ni kena hacked dulu. kali ke 3 kot. i had enuff.. haha. adeii~~