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Monday, April 26, 2010

Streetlights people~

ahahaha.. i'm soooooo into Glee. i watch it night and day, everyday. i'm craving for more episodes of Glee.

aidie told me that we're going to perform something special for a dinner. we just got the invitation a few days before the event. helpless, aidie thought of creating new moves and steps for the night. gosh... it is sooo Latah Che Kiah. last minute work with superb and delicious result, product. haha

then again, aidie said it's going to be something new. really new from what we had had before. not a traditional dance, aan dear. instead.. modern musical! say what??? i thought he was joking when he told me that because his face did not show the seriousness of his words. i laughed. yes, he was very serious.

"so, we're going to perform something like...like... urm.. have you watched Glee?" Glee?? that was the first time i heard about Glee. aidie was very excited about it and urged me to say yes to his plan. alright. a new thing, huh? well... there's nothing to lose, but everything to gain. haha..

bla bla bla...the dinner was cancelled..not enough performers.. insufficient funds... somebody important died...an old lady stepped down as the president of what association know not... but, despite all the misery and miserables... i'm hooked with Glee!

hahaha.. every now and then i sing all the songs performed by the cast in Glee. from the very first episode,"don't stop believin'" made popular by Journey, till the last episode of Glee season one, i remember each and every song, alongside the occasion of some particular songs. heee....

since i'll be going back to penang this coming july, perhaps erfairizee and me can come up with something Glee for a change. you know... better late than never. heh!

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