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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Killing me softly

stupid calamity of fiery lizard... i have piles and mountains of work to be done. sigh... for the past three months my life was soooooo relaxing and entertaining. but now? look at me. i have become a real student! hahahaha

let's do the calculation. day by day. hm... i have to submit my group assignment on wednesday, the moral issue assignment. yeah, we did well with our 'pornography' presentation. they audience seemed stunned and mesmerized... perhaps there were too much obscenity in our slides...kikiki.. no lah. ^^ hoh! that reminds me of my buddy. hahaha... awalludin and aizat were so mad at this particular person. i couldn't say anything... i was shocked, too, by the way. he could have done more than just two pages from 10 pages work that we have assigned him to do. me, awal and aizat did our part, and we managed to sketch out 9 pages per person. but this guy? hahaha... man, i don't know what to say. awal was pissed off...^^

sociolinguistics. this killer subject is another headaching matter. luckily our research presentation is done. however, i'm not very quite satisfied with the marks given. i do think me and my partner deserve better marks. a good one. okay, we weren't flawless at presenting the findings and such, but the actual thing with our research is great! i argued some of her points, counter-fire her questions with brilliant and true answers.. yet she said it's too late. if only we have explained all those crap to her earlier, during the presentation, the marks would be different, in a good way, of course. hahaha.. this is what i call fate, rezeki. ^^ oh well.. just you wait for our research report. hehehe...

action research! oh my god... in three months time, what have you learnt, aan? Lies and double-lie techniques. kikiki. 70 percent of our data and findings is the truth, yet another 20 percent is fantasy~ ^^ another 10 percent? God bless. hahahaha... yeap. today's presentation was excellent. just imagine, three months of collecting data...yet we have to present all-everything in just 15 minutes! wow... and WOW!! we did survive the 15-minute time limit. hahaha.. i was rushing up all those points on our slides to beat the duration given. if we exceed the duration, marks will be deducted. so... with the blessing from above, we, the army of God, fulfilled the requirement and have beaten the kraken. hahahaha. not so fast, aan. you and your group still have a 4000-word report to write. hee.... evil force... may you be gone! Halt!!

tomorrow is the day...

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