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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't mess with mass

the power of many. the superiority. prestige. pride. and...

i heard the trip to Bandung, Indonesia is cancelled. what happened? i thought everything is settled already? i don't think money was the reason. they've paid for what they have to pay. date? perhaps. somebody told me earlier that they needed to adjust a bit here and there. but what ever it is, i don't really know about the thing. since me not one of the bandung-goers, news and updates are pretty rare to my ears.

she did not submit her assignments. oh my god. and the university wanted to discard her from the course. holy barnicles. i hope she would be given another chance to defend herself..

and my God. mercy a FL clover. he was caught red-handed. i did not know what really happened but everybody seems handsomely educated about the matter. feel sorry for him, yet that's his fatal mistake. yes, it was not his intention to smuggle in notes in the exam hall. unfortunately he forgot to leave it outside. the paper was nicely folded into a small square and be put in his pocket..but.. hm~... oh well. God must have something good to teach us then.

if a single young man is called a bachelor, a single young lady is a bachelorette. check cigar and cigarette. hahaha. hey, i'm not sexy, nor sexist. DANG! (somebody inspired me this word of expression.. hm...)


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