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Sunday, February 14, 2010


ahaha... i found this in one article. it's a good article, but let me just take some useful information from it, ok?

experts believe kissing is good for your health! why? kissing does not only make someone feel happy and relaxed, but it also helps fighting diseases and illnesses. take a look at this;

1. kissing for a long time can help your blood circulation system. while kissing, our heart beats faster than normal, up to 110 beats per minute.

2. our lungs work harder after kissing. we inhale more air during and after kissing, around 60 times per minute, compared to in normal condition (20 times per minute). this is a good exercise to prevent lung/respiratory problems.

3. dentists believe that kissing can actually prevent teeth (tooth?) problems. kissing stimulates saliva and its special chemical which can wash away the bad acidic layer on the surface of your teeth.

4. kissing more than 3 minutes helps us fight stress. the longer the duration, the better. ^^

5. there's a study that shows those who kiss his/her partner every morning (before going to work, for example), they have the chance of having extra 5 years longer life than those who do not practice such routine.

6. kissing is one good way to build self esteem. it makes someone feels appreciated and calm.

7. kissing does burn fat and calorie; 2000-3000 calorie per minute! it helps refining the metabolism of our body. some say it is one of the ways to keep slim and stay in shape.

8. we use more than 30 parts of muscle on our face when we kissing. this actually stretches the muscles, making your skin fairer, more tight and more smooth - for real.

9. it is good for your heart; lowering the blood pressure and even cholesterol. some say that good/frequent kissers are far from stomach aches.

10. while we're kissing, our body produces antibiotic liquid via saliva. this resulting a special anaesthetic that helps to reduce pain.

asking for more? hahaha. google it about. you'll find lots and lots of information about this subject matter.

don't get me wrong. i'm just in the mood to write something sweet. oh wouldn't it be loverly~... ^^

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