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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take a bow

it is up to your lexicon to interpret 'take a bow' in your own understanding. the spelling is the same; bow. but what makes it different is how you pronounce the word. i can't write phonetics symbols here but one way to say the word is... um.. you know 'cow'? yeah, just replace the 'c' with 'b' and pronounce it the same way you say the word to describe an animal which has four legs and can produce milk, especially in New Zealand.

another way to say it is...um... you do know the word 'bowl' right? well then, just cut the 'L' out and there you have it! just pronounce the word 'bowl' without making the 'l' sound.

oh crap... too much reading i perhaps. need new games.. hm..

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