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Saturday, May 8, 2010

New furniture!

hahaha...there goes my ringgit malaysia one thousand and sixty five. ^^

well.. since i'm living with my sis, she provides me a room so that i can stuff my stuff, etcetera etcetera. but... a room is still a room... need to fill it first - with woods and plastics..

we went to a showroom where they display and exhibit good furniture and things like that. cut it short, we went to five shops and warehouse but the items did not suit my criteria - i mean, money and liking. as my final effort for the day i persuaded my sis to check one last shop. hahaha... indeed, the last always the best.

i was soo hooked up with this black wood closet. semi-solid stuff. the body is made of solid wood, while the doors and drawers are plywoods. it has two big portions to hang clothes, and two wide drawers to store small-small stuff, and two sectors of storage, completing the Italian-look design. hahaha...

curse you, ah pek. you led me from one thing to another. and i ended up bargaining prices for four items...ngehahaha.

one 8-door closet, rm 4xx
japanese table, rm 1xx
3 colour box, rm 75
tempat sidai baju (metal), F.O.C
total up = rm 700

hahaha...but that's not the end of the story..

i sent my ford to a mechanic to throw out the bad parts and install the good, better parts. yeah, the engine's kinda problematic. leaking here and there...so.. i decided to put it in a workshop and get its things done right.

once she's out, off the workshop...same matter went with my money~..^^

3 pieces of timing oil seal, rm 48
somewhat cap frosket, rm 45
another item (can't read his writing on the bill..geez..too complex), rm 12
somewhat dis. o-ring, rm 10
engine oil, rm 55
oil filter, rm 6
another frosket, rm 30
4 pieces injecter seal, rm 64
labour charge, rm 100
total, rm 325..

muehahahaha.... additional rm 20, fueling her stomach up with good petrol. hence... i would say my rm 1,065 is worthy and handsomely used. for the better future, if i may? hehehe

oh God, where shall i find recovery~... hm...

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