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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Loser Like Me

stop me from
chasing after thee
but - a loser like me
takes that happily
not much of time
not enough effort
have that wall of ice
mind not any word
hangin' yet hoping
wandering and waiting
need a miracle, perhaps
to crack thy thing
resistance's turned on
acceptance is futile
bring about what may
gonna take a (long) while
did you hear the people sing?
afar, melodious harmonious
have you ever listened to oneself?
them whispering - hey, it's ludicrous
halt! nonsensical
them hearts shall not be parted
alas, despite thy no-go
finish the deed you hath started
for a loser like me
no cheer of 'hoorah' and 'whee'
but pardon I thank You, God
for that something
that makes me happy


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