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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Looked Down To See The Land

i sat on the cloud.
the air was soft
up and about.

i looked down
to see the land.
i saw a couple 
walking hand in hand.

they were young
they were old
they talked things
stories untold.

i saw their smiles
they carved glad-fully
though it was raining 
they walked tenderly.

today i sat 
one cloud above
the air was cold
amended, aloft.

i looked down
to see the green
i found none
but human, keen.

within the crowd
among the people
i searched here and there
for yesterday's couple.

that's weird
i said slowly
where were they?
or it's just me?

tomorrow i will sit
sit on the same cloud.
i want to find
what i searched about.

i'll look down
to see no land.
i'll see no green
but the young old man.

where is she?
where is he?
i'll ask myself
everyone but thee.

shall nobody know
should no one reply
answers from the sky.

"We're here
One cloud above"
"You stay there
 with our love."

 A'an - I Looked Down To See The Land


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Alamak sukanya... cantik painting tu dan puisi yang sedap. terima kasih.