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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Lemme tell you about me and things that i overgeneralize. i'll say it in point form so you don't have to read all the unwanted descriptions. hehe..

when i say...

mintak COLGATE sikit - i do mean toothpaste, but it doesn't necessarily be just colgate.

mana KASUT aku? - you need to know that KASUT brings two meaning to me. one is the kind of sport shoes, belly shoes or kickers... the other one is my flip-flop. it depends on the situation.

lapo le.. ada ROTI tak - i don't really mean a loaf of soft and yummy bread of gardenia. yes it can be that, the bread that we usually make sandwich out of it...by right i also mean..biscuits and crackers. ^^ ask for clarification if required. hehe

jom. minum2 KOPI - by the term KOPI, it means any drink. not necessarily coffee or the like. so when i say "lepak kedai kopi", it's actually an invitation to come and join me to have a drink or some light meal in any restaurant or food stall, not coffee bean or starbucks or the like.

ambilkan KETAYAP aku sat - it's songkok. not serban, not even kopiah. i mean songkok and i mean it. ^^"

lapaq MAGGI la - yes!!! i am craving for instant noodle! but you don't have to buy a packet of megi for me. i mean the brand. any brand of instant noodle will do! XD

miahaha...i'll list down the rest in other entry. ^^


schu said...

org perak speaks like this kan?

antara said...

perak, kedah, perlis, penang. ^^