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Monday, November 1, 2010


i think i have been spending too much on things i don't really need. huhu

there's a fine line between things that you need and things that you want. sometimes we blend both terms. sometimes we misjudge them. even worse, we take one of the terms for granted.

man... it's so difficult to make decision. either you are not well prepared for the incomings, or you just can't face the whatever-may-come due to whatever choice you make. i find it funny when we set our mind to pick on one thing, yet we change our mind just splitseconds before the very moment we ought to place our bet. hahaha...

life is a miracle. it can be as easy as you wish. it can turn the hell out of you..as others wish. haha... come what may, i stick to myself.. i enjoy and appreciate life, and the way things are.

holistic device.. haha.. at the age of 23 i own a house..i have my own car... some lands and properties to manage... some friends to celebrate.. some little cash to spend... huhu.. and choices are inevitable. there are times when i have to make some very critical and crucial decisions and stands upon.... things and matters. and at times i don't even know whether God does help me with that or the other way around. yeah i know His game. I've been playing with him for 20 long years...and we're still keeping our aces..for some 'standardized testings'. hehe... oh well, He always puts me to the test...and yet He pulls me back when im about to grab hold the victory, and pushes me up whenever i feel like sinking... haha..

like i said...that's the way things are. ^^ life is all about choices and decisions. make.wise.one. ^^

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