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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Wishes


If I could have my wishes,
If wishes did come true;
I would wish for happiness,
And a long full life for you.

I would wish for laughter,
And fill your life with song;
Then ask for peace and joy and love,
To follow you all day long.

Then I would ask for peaceful rest,
To visit you at night;
And that your every morning,
Dawn shimmering and bright.

I would ask for nothing,
To give back to myself;
As long as you are happy,
I want for nothing else.

For just to see contentment,
On your face and know you're fine;
Would truly satisfy me,
And bring joy to this heart of mine.

If I could have my wishes,
If wishes did come true;
I'd wish for the sun and the moon and the stars,
And I'd give them all to you.

this one is not my art...it belongs to a best friend of mine.. thank you for the permission granted - 5 long years ago. =D


dayangkueffazulaikha said...

i hope your wishes come true ;)d

antara said...

thank you. and may God bless you, too. ^^