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Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Grammar Mistakes That Make Us Look/Sound Silly

 The words in backet (    ) are the correct words to be used in their particular sentence. =]

1 'Loose' for 'Lose'
I always loose (lose) the product key.

2. It's for its (or god forbid its')
Download the HTA, along with it's (its) readme file.
The laptop is overheating and its (it's) making the funny noise again.

3. They're for their for there
The managers are in they're (their) weekly planning meeting.
The techs have to check there (their) cellphones at the door, and their (they're) not happy about it.

4. i.e for e.g
Use an anti-spyware programme, i.e., (i.g.,) AdWare
*i.e., = that is.
*e.g., = example

5. Effect for affect
The outage shouldn't effect (affect) any users during work hours.
*The outage shouldn't have any effect on users
*We will effect several changes during the downtime

**Impact is not a verb. Purists, at least, beg you to use affect instead.
The outage shouldn't impact (affect) any users during work hours.
*The outage should have no impact on users during work hours.

6. you're for your
Remember to defrag you're (your) machine on a regular basis.
Your (You're) right about the changes.

7. different than for different from
This setup is different than (different from) the one at the main office.
*This setup is better than the one at the main office.

8. Lay for lie
I got dizzy and had to lay (lie) down.
*Just lay those books over there

9. Then for than
The accounting department had more problems then (than) we did. 
**Here's a sub-peeve. When a sentence construction begins with If, you don't need a then. Then is implicit, so it's superfluous and wordy.
If you can't get Windows to boot, then you'll (you'll) need to call Ted.

10. Could of, would of for could have, would have
I could of (could have) installed that app by mistake.
I would of (would have) sent you a meeting notice, but you were out of town.

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