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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you know

that moon is made of cheese?

that stars are actually not as crispy as they look?

that sky is actually the sea?

that Martians are generally good looking?

that a cordless mouse is not genius?

that 2 + 3 = 7E?

that 3 is the most hated number by the ancient Egyptians?

that glass is considered plural in United Kingdom?

that a coin has 4 sides? (sometimes 3)

that FBI was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew?

that rugby was invented in prison?

that American football was invented because of the hate of passing the rugby ball backwards?

that a can of Coke can choke?

that lipsticks were the accidental result of a dude tasting the moist of red berries at the tip of a stick?

that one second is cut short 0.1827314052617388590877187878639683665 nanosecond each year?

that cheese is the most wanted flavour for perfume in the world?

that torchlight defies most laws of physics?

that rainbow is actually a circle, instead of 'n' look?

that every fan has a switch to turn them off and on?

that the letter A is actually a tired H?

that the clockwise movement was determined by a Greek who tried to count the stars in the night sky from left to right?

that Tic-Tac-Toe is the loud version of Chit-chateaus?

that white is the baddest colour of all?

that America had 53.8 states before the Constitution?

that Calf of Iowa was the early name for California?

that you are going to doubt most, even all of information above, though many and most of them are true?

that you have just gone through a metaphysic process called 'thinking about thinking'?

that I have consumed some precious minutes of your taken-for-granted life? =D

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