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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A letter to myself


what's up dude! haven't seen you for quite some while. where have you been? fishing in the ocean? hahaha. well anything dude, i just hope you're doin fine, like i do. ^^

bro, we've got things that we really need to talk about. are ya ready for this? if not, you better stop here and read later. go clean yourself first, eat healthy breakfast, then come over to my letter to dig the gist.

if you're reading this line, i bet you're fully prepared of what's coming your way. haha. real, buddy. i'm telling you, this ain't gonna be easy on you.

okay, let's start. first and none other than the first thing first - the comic. the comic!! what comic?? geez don't tell me you have forgotten. it's the project you're running with your friends, remember? oh ya...aha.. now you remember? great. heh. dude, the dateline is near. have you completed all the drawings? nay? thought so. whoa2.. don't start freaking out. chill, buddy. you still have time, but not that much. so, a friendly reminder - do allocate some time to do it. i know you're super busy, but not to push you around, you need to cater this matter as well.

are we good, pal? nice. the second thing is.. bout your career. your teaching. to be specific, your practicum stuff. man it's a hard time you're goin through, and i can tell. looking at your life, the past 4-5 weeks occupied you the max of your time! luckily you survived the first half. hehe. now now. this holiday, it is the best time for you to complete everything required for your portfolio and stuff. you know you missed a lot of things, right. and compared to others' folio, yours is just waaaaayyy too incomplete. dude, face the truth. told ya it's not gonna be easy on you. but cool, work on it slow and steady. by the end of hols, i bet u can 70 percent complete it. promise me you do your thang, ayte?

money. this is the hardest part. dude you should start watching over your spending and expenditures. half of the total amount is gone already. what have you been twirling your cash on, dude? man..i really hate to nag, seriously. watch your flow, buddy. don't eat junks. eat good food, and wisely. you can survive a meal a day right? well, i'm not really cool with the idea, but looking at you... and your life, i think you should cut your meals short. from twice a day, to once. you have no problem with that i think. besides, you don't want any muffin top to appear when you wear your jeans and trousers, eh buddy? haha. i know how much you hate having muffin top around your belly ^^.

dude, i really need to make a move. things are calling. i have plenty of matters to discuss with ya, but time is money now. haha. got it? time, money~ you look blur. haha. (you don't get my joke, do ya).. erm. talk to ya later pal! till then, take care! =D

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