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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering September 11, 2001

this is indeed "geez-another-post-about-nineleven-blablabla" kinda thing. well, to most people, it is. i don't know about other bloggers, but all i'm trying to do here... is to deliver my thoughts and feelings upon what happened back in 2001... and what's happening, here and now in 2011.

ten years. one-'O'. big ten, fellas. a split second could determine one's life and death - then how about ten years? on this very date, the world, and especially America - we are all mourning over the loss of lives in one of the darkest hours in history.

by right you should have known the "102 minutes that changed America." hence, i guess my explanation about this 'infamous' history might only bring you the expected boredom. nevertheless, that ain't my intention upon writing this very entry.

back in 2001, the world blamed religious movements upon what happened on 9/11. nonetheless, Islam. why so? because terrorism was claimed in the name of Islam; in the name of "the right thing to do."

three things i'd like to highlight here...

one. the victims of and in the tragedy. thousands of innocent lives were killed due to the attack. working mothers, fathers of children, family guys, happy souls, noblemen and cheerful ladies; you name it. had had them wrong to justify their fate? who were we... are we... to tell to even ourselves, that they got what they deserved? i feel sorry for their families, their husbands and wives, sons and daughters of all ages, relatives and friends... and how i wish they knew, that everybody wishes that time could be turned back, for at least a few minutes before 'it' happened. may God bless them souls.

two. the terrorists. for God sake why did you guys do that?? revenge? unsatisfied, dissatisfaction? redeeming rights and condemning wrongs? the best part was... the attack was proudly claimed in the name of "do the just" and religion. correct me if i'm wrong, but do tell me - why Islamophobia is surprisingly 'popular' after the attack? why every man with beards were eyed and labelled 'suspicious' if not directly 'terrorist'? why women with hijab were forced to take off their face-cover and scanned thoroughly? by right, the 'deeds' that those people committed in the attack somehow have put Muslims and Islam itself in a big cauldron of hot boiling soup. even worse, it's a 'fitna', a false accusation on the holy religion! now who has to shoulder the blame?

victims of 9.11.2001.

three. those who put in faith that 9/11 was the teaching of Islam. as a Muslim, i can confirm you, that Islam teaches no terrorism. Islam promotes love, peace and harmony. and i believe, other religions discard violence and terrorism from their teachings as well. what was claimed as an act of religious belief was totally individuals'. or perhaps, some misconceptions about their beliefs, and what they wanted to believe. never would a religion command its followers to commit such wrong-doings. in Islam, putting something not at its right place is already a sin; zalim. hence, i beg all readers; i beg the world - don't just a religion by its followers. if you want to know about Islam, read the Koran (al-Quran) and hadith. you'll understand the meaning of Islam, and the true way of living as Muslim.

and you know what - as much as Christians and other religions condemn the recent Norway Massacre, Muslims all over the world condemn terrorism and the wrong-doings committed by those misled so-called Muslims.

read up articles, writings and news about 9/11. learn from the past, today, for a better future. God bless.

and yes, America. In God We Trust.

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