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Saturday, February 5, 2011

American Idol

wheee!! Season 10 is here!!

it's been a decade. dude i've gotta say this. i was not a big fan of American Idol. yes i watched a few seasons - or i'd rather say a few episodes. ^^ naa..who cares about hot chicks who dig singing and fame and fortune..and fame.. and recording contracts and thousands of fans...and fame..

but Kelly Clarkson is an exception. and Carrie Underwood too. hahaha. what i'm trying to say, dude, is i watched their seasons. because i felt like watching. and happened that they were my favourites. what can i say, my ears are as sharp and as pleased as those Americans who voted them to be Idol.

speaking of favourite. this time...for season 10.. i haven't missed any episode that's aired on Starworld, Astro channel 711, yet. that's right. my friends can find me sitting in the couch in front of TV right before 6 p.m every Thursday and Friday. that's our local timing for the show. talk about obsession!

now what drives me crazy bout this Idol thingy? i can't vote, though. but i just can't get enough of the show. why? 'cause the Screaming Demon is one of the judges, yawl!! Steven Tyler in da house, baby!!! =D

so who's this Tyler?

he's the lead singer of the rock-rock and roll band, the "Bad Boys of Bostons"; the legendary Aerosmith - and he's my idol. hahahaaa. the very only band that will make me do whatever it takes to see them and their concert live - in Malaysia/Singapore.

the father to the beautiful model and actress Liv Tyler is there to replace Simon who has withdrawn himself from Idol for this season. but not just that. Jennifer Lopez tags along with Tyler and Randy Jackson as she replaces Paula Abdul's seat. it's a brand new, fresh combination, i would say. hey bear in mind that i'm not goin to compare Simon and Paula with Steven and Jennifer. i just want to see how the star and the legend handle Idol's 10th season.

hm..they've gone to L.A. and next week, is Hollywood week. which means.. elimination week. man... i can't wait. haha.

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