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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seeing is believing

we were heading back to maktab . then only i realized that i have no enough money to pay the kad jogaton . so i drove to the nearest BSN . lucky me the atm was still operating .

i pulled my car over, right in front of the bank . then i stepped out of the car . full of confidence, to withdraw some cash . i saw one dude there, doing something at the auto-teller machine . i wonder none, as i thought that everything was as it is . but when i reached the glass door, that dude came out of the place, and with disappointed look, he looked me in the eyes and said

"tak buleh keluaq duit."

damn i was surprised! i felt like the whole mountain of everest is crumbling into the deep sea of no-idea . i felt like the sky is darkened - pitch dark black - just like the Nostradamus' prophecy .

he shrugged his shoulder, and he rode his motorcycle, and gone into the night . i was devastated by his information . but my inner voice told me something .....

"go and check la.... you have nothing to lose"

seriously . i had set my foot in the direction towards my car . i was about to leave, right after the dude told me that the machine won't hand me any money. but because of the voice, i cancelled my cancellation, and instead i went to see the machine, face-to-face ...

i prayed .... wishing that my card won't get swallowed . then i keyed in the pin number..... then suddenly.. the blue screen showed me two shocking lines..unexpected lines...

"this machine is out of receipt. do you want to continue the transaction?"

bwahahaahaha . dude!!! come back!!! you should have read the notice carefully~.... =D

and yes! i did press 'yes', and i keyed in the amount that i need... and... the machine obeyed my request . card out . cash out . tah-daaaaah!

haha . so,...moral of the story? jangan main percaya je... tengok dulu...siasat dulu.. ^^

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