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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramadhan: Day 23 - Two Days Recap

Sunday, 21st August 2011 / 21st Ramadhan 1432 Hijri
- went back. headed Sungai Bakap, Penang; for my 1st jamming with northern ukulele players.

- arrived at Abang Fathi's place. coincidentally, other players arrived at the same time. yeay!

- had an introductory and ice-breaker minutes, before we started jammin'. boy, we sounded nice, we had a great time. you can watch THIS and here.

credit to abang Ahmad Fathi dan Sharizan Othman. for the vids and picture. ^^

- finished at 5 like that. somewhat sayonara. headed home - Sungai Burung, Perak.


- safely HOME at 6 plus. parked my car right in front of my house. felt like cryin'. miss home. missed home. been missing home - for too much.

- walked along the road. village folks - they seemed happy seeing me there. we greeted each other, had a small talk, Q&A session. met my old buddy, Ijam. we talked about our childhood.

- 7 plus. helped Pak Ude and Mak Ude preparing for iftar. been 5 long years since the last time celebrating Ramadhan with them.


- after performing Maghrib, went out to accompany Ijam to pekan Tanjung Piandang. we chatted about things and ramadhan memories.

- we met Ijam's friend, then straight to a very familiar house (to me). a triple storey house. the one and only in that pekan.

- something fishy. felt uneasy. what's wrong? not sure.

- bagi salam. a voice replied. one person came out to welcome us. oh...my...god. it's her.

- it's that girl's house. the girl of my age. the girl my friends were crazy about. the girl that my colleagues tried to pair her up with me (which led to a disastrous failure). shoot. all those kenangan in secondary school...

- oh. she did not notice me. must be the (my) long hair. but yeah, that's so her. acknowledged that deep brown eyes.

- Ijam and his buddy shopped for packets and boxes of firecrackers. aha, that house is somewhat a 'shop' where people look for firecrackers and fireworks with low price. it's family business.

- she packed the stuff for her customers. helped her with packing. guess she had this "eh!?" moment as she looked surprised as she got a closer look on me.

- remained speechless to each other.

- yeah ain't no teraweh. =="


Monday, 22nd August 2011 / 22nd Ramadhan 1432 Hijri
- woke up at 5 in the morning. sahur. headache; caught a flu. a bit feverish.

- the memories of Ramadhan with mom and dad; lingering in my head. still, could hear their voices. talked to myself; don't cry.

- had a long chat with Mak Ude. listened to lots of news, updates and stories. just realized that too many good things happened beyond my knowledge.

- marriages and separations, births and deaths. life's.


- went to my primary school, SK Sungai Burung. missed my teachers.

- searched for them. found them! En. Abdul Manaf, Pn. Norizan, Pn. Saleha. the only super senior teachers at the school. they taught me well, alhamdulillah.

- had a great time chatting with three of them. thank God they still remember me, as they are always in my heart.


- stopped at Pak Ngah's place. paying him and Mak Ngah a visit. they have taken a good care of me since my childhood; and up till now, they still do.

- typical questions expected. and answered.

- had to spill the milk. told them what happened between me and Ira. they were dumbfounded - speechless - as their hopes and dreams were crushed and crumpled... like..

- the awkward silence moment. knew it. saw this coming.

- had to break the silence with a cough. we started chatting again. they tried to cheer me up; life goes on etc etc. infact, they tried to cheer themselves up.

- felt sorry for them. yeah, they put their faith in me and her. but what more can be done - perhaps that's the best decision for both of us.

- explained in details, yet came to the common conclusion. "takde jodoh, pakngah. nak buat macam mana. doa2 la yang terbaek buat kami masing2, ye pakngah, makngah."

- slowly, we changed the topics of conversation.


- went to my secondary school; SMK Raja Lope Nor Rashid. had this thought in mind - school visit day, today?

- went finding the old timers and the great teachers of mine. yeay, they're there.

- had fun trolling each other. man, me teachers are so sporting and supportive. proud having them as my educators.

- jolly good time.


- dropped by Paksu's place at Simpang Empat Tasek Mutiara, Penang. my sis commanded me to claim the kuih raya from Maksu.

- hundreds of biscuits packed in numbers of boxes. the heck, they looked delicious. they should taste delicious.


- off to SK Batu Maung, Penang; the island side.

- returning two books to a teacher.

- entered some of the classes. the pupils greeted me happily, cheerfully! everybody was rushing to salam me. some even requested to hug me. the kids shouted their hearts out - they miss me.

- almost cried. touched with the warm greetings from the children. felt their love. =']

- looked for Pn Siow Koi Fong; my "mak angkat". simply the best. entered her class, 2A, while she was teaching. the kids welcomed me warm.

- another great and fun conversation. yeah. she's so motherly. glad being her '3rd son'. hehe

- took a peek into 2B. they saw me. goodness, the entire class rushed to greet me, salam and everything.

- saw her! Mastura! she's the most adorable pupil in 2B. cute, bright, and cheerful. pendiam at times, but she paid attention to my teaching. never missed to salam me, tiap kali waktu balek dari sekolah. =)

- walked around. stumbled into ustazah Norina. chatted a while, before heading to 1A.

- my sunshine's there!! Dhiya!!! =D really, she's MY sunshine. she makes me happy, when skies are grey. haha. missed her so much.

- time to go back. back to Sungai Petani.

p.s: yeah. memang back to schoolssss.. hehe


Anonymous said...

awak yang rambut panjang tu ye? haha. you looked like a rock star, tapi main ukulele. cute!

antara said...

ahaks! manade rockstar. tak layak la. serabai je tu. ^^"