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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan: Day 6 - Warkah Buat Bakal Menantu Makcik (edisi ramadhan)

Assalamualaikum, dear. how do you do? sehat? makcik harap you're doing fine.

it's been a while since the last time we spoke to each other. almost a year already, kan? makcik harap anak still remember makcik. yes i know, you are busy with your studies and stuff, and so does my son. makcik can totally understand that.

ha, now is your semester break right? until september if makcik tak silap. my son told me last time you went holidaying with your family dekat Jepun. was it last month? uih, my son couldn't stop babbling about it. yelah, anak invited makcik to go along with your family, but not him - even though he is your boyfriend. haha. makcik laughed out loud hari tu. i love your sense of humor, anak. =)

how is your mother? your father? makcik doakan they both are in good health. my son told me that anak is currently working at a private company. temporary ye? alhamdulillah, good to hear that you're doing well there. bukan apa, my son and i worried about you. anak got asthma, anak cannot work on heavy load. remember last time anak visited rumah makcik? we were cleaning the house, then all of a sudden anak kena asthma. anak turned pale sangat! makcik was so terrified when i saw anak became penat, susah nak bernafas. luckily my son cepat balik dari beli kuih. sorry i couldn't fetch you to the clinic myself that day - makcik tak reti bawak kereta manual. so, anak, remember pesan doctor, pesan makcik - take care of your health ok?

it's Ramadhan already. it's the fasting month, the month of barakah. i know how you wished for this month right? my son told me that you haven't been home for ramadhan for the past few years. i totally understand your feeling, dear. to be home with family, breaking fast together, sahur together - it's everbody's wish. i'm glad that you can spend you entire ramadhan this time with your beloved parents and siblings.

anak tau tak, that my son misses you so much? this morning, he was restless macam kucing nak beranak. haha. he was out of credit, so he couldn't contact you like usual. he wanted to kejut you sahur but due to credit limit, he tak boleh call or message anak. kesian makcik tengok. that's why makcik reloaded your credit, and asked you to share some air-time with him. i know you two always share top up and credit, but this time let me do my part for both of you. don't let him know about this ye. nanti dia segan dengan makcik. ^^

every day, whenever i ask him nak makan apa for buka puasa, he always mentions your favourite food and drinks. he even asks me to masak some of the kuih that anak pernah cooked for him. haha. what have you done, anak? he is so into you. ^^ one day he asked me whether he can invite you home for buka puasa or dinner. i said why bother mintak izin? because anak tau kan, that you are most, and always welcome here, to be with us. my house is always open for you. but please, do call me before you come. remember pesan makcik dulu? hehe

for this ramadhan, makcik nak pesan. put more time on ibadah ye. don't skip your prayer, don't ponteng puasa. kita ni orang perempuan should be thankful - God grants us 'cuti' at times. but bila bukan 'off-day', we must put on more effort to thank Him in return. how? banyakkan recite al-Quran, perform solat sunat dhuha, attend terawih at nights~.. i've heard you singing, anak. and i've heard you mengaji. i can still feel the serenity that fills my heart - whenever makcik teringatkan that. you have a beautiful voice, anak. use that for good, ye?

banyakkan amalan bersedekah as well. in this month, the pahala that we will get upon our deeds and right-doings are huge, more than in any other month. so please, don't let this blessed month pass us by just like that. i know you have a generous heart, dear. each time you go to surau for terawih, do sedekah seberapa mampu. it's an investment, i'm telling you. you'll be surprised on how great pahala sedekah will be of a help for you kat sana later. ^^

one more thing makcik nak pesan here. take this great month, great holiday, great time... to belajar masak. hehe. well, i know you've been learning memasak all this while. makcik couldn't forget the very first masakan that you cooked for my son and makcik. well, makcik not saying it's not tasty nor or delicious. it's just...lack of...quite some...many things. ehe. it's okay. makcik understand. that was your very first 'live' attempt to please me, nak ambil hati makcik. you were so gelabah, that you accidentally mixed the wrong ingredients for the gourmet. forgive my son please, he didn't mean to laughed at you or your cooking. it's just the food - it tasted funny. ^^ so, makcik encourage you to memasak, ye anak? don't give up tau.

ni kuih seri muka kegemaran anak, kan? patut la cantik berseri je muka anak. ^^

for next week my son is planning to pay you and your family a visit. do take care of him, ye anak. i'm glad that your family can accept him to be a part of keluarga anak - just as much as we love to have you in our family. makcik kirimkan sekali nanti, my gifts for you untuk this raya. nothing much, dear. but you do know how much i love seeing a girl - anak especially, in baju kurung and tudung bawal, kan? sorry, makcik don't really know about today's fashion and trends. pashmina, shawls, semua tu - makcik tak reti pilih. so makcik chose something that i think suits you just nice. i hope you like it. tapi tu la, like my son said - bakal menantu makcik ni pakai apa pun cantik. ^^ have it dear, as a token of appreciation, from me.

em. i think i've said a lot this time. you know what, bukan anak makcik sorang je that misses you, dear. makcik miss you as well. so much. do visit us when you have time ye. i'll cook your favourite food. even better, anak come and we cook together! ^^

kirim salam makcik to your parents. makcik doakan anak and family to have a blessed Ramadhan, insyaAllah. until then, take care ye.



Khuzrin Kamarudin said...

7 hari puasa, namun hari ke-29 pun masih boleh rasanya...

"Selamat berpuasa.." :)

antara said...

err..boleh apa ek? ehe..

selamat berpuasa! ^^