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Friday, March 16, 2012

[EVENT] Malaysia Ukulele Day (MUD) - A Blessed Blast!

Hear ye! hear ye!! 

This Saturday, there'll be an event that i, YOU, they, and WE - should attend! 

Malaysia Ukulele Group

Malaysia Ukulele Group (MUG)


Malaysia Ukulele Day (MUD)

which will be held at

and YOU are invited!! ^^


come on and join us!

there will be..

live performances, workshops, special appearances, fun activities, sales booth.. 

Malaysia Ukulele Day 2012

Sounds interesting? It IS! so how to get there??

here's the map. (Thanks MUG!)

click for a better view

Bring your ukulele, tambourine, maracas, or even a triangle (ting! ting!) and join the fun!

Can't play ukulele? no other playable musical instrument?


the fun is for EVERYONE!!!

Do bring your cameras and video recorders along! treasure the happy moments

with all the peace-loving creatures there!

To go or not to go!?

check this out! ^^

for more details, visit HERE and HERE

See you there!


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